What is SEAC?

The Individuals with Disabilities Act (IDEA) requires that each state establish and maintain an advisory panel for the purpose of advising the State special education staff regarding the education of all eligible children with disabilities. In Hawaii that advisory panel is the Special Education Advisory Council or SEAC.

SEAC is made up of a diverse group of individuals with expertise on all aspects affecting special education and related issues. Membership includes a majority of parents of children with disabilities aged 26 or younger and persons with disabilities. Other members include teachers, administrators, university professors, juvenile and adult corrections program administrators, private and charter school representatives, representatives from the Department of Heath and the Department of Human Services, representatives for children who are in foster care or who are currently without a residence, and representatives from the community. All members serve on a volunteer basis.

 Our Vision

The Council believes in optimizing the educational achievement of every child through a strong public education system that is proactive and supportive of students, families, and educators. To that end, the Council will use its strength as a broad based constituency group to play an active and influential role in decisions affecting policies, programs and services.

Our Mission

The mission of the Council is to guide and assist the Hawaii Department of Education in fulfilling its responsibility to meet the individual needs of children with disabilities.

Learn about the functions of the council or read our by-laws.