Leading by Convening

Leading by Convening is a tool that can be used to positively change practices around the delivery of special education services.  It is a process for complex problem-solving that was developed by the IDEA Partnership over the course of several months of working with representatives from a variety of national organizations.  It focuses on authentic engagement (providing the right stakeholders with the right information) as a core commitment and convening (meeting together) as the leadership strategy that makes learning partnerships possible.

SEAC and the leadership of the Department of Education have chosen to use Leading by Convening as a process to identify key issues, examine data relevant to these issues, and come up with recommendations for solutions to problems that prevent students with disabilities and their educational team from achieving positive outcomes.

For School Year 17-18, SEAC and the Department will be focusing on the following issue areas:

  • staffing shortages
  • inclusion/least restrictive environments
  • suspensions and discipline, and
  • transitions (secondary and early childhood).

We welcome input from the public.                leading-by-convening